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2014 Summer Internship: Center for Ocean Solutions (Deadline: Oct 15, 2013)

Our academic has not yet started, however, here's first ad for internships for next year (2014) summer.

Center for Ocean Solutions Summer Legal Internship Program

ABOUT THE CENTER: The Center for Ocean Solutions (COS), a collaboration of Stanford University (through Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment and Hopkins Marine Station), the Monterey Bay Aquarium, and the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute, is seeking summer Legal Interns for ten-week positions starting in May or June 2014. The Center’s mission is to solve major problems facing the ocean and prepare the leaders who take on these challenges. The Center’s focal areas include the following:

 Climate change and the oceans, including ocean acidification and climate change adaptation;
 Ecosystem health and ecosystem services, including comprehensive coastal and marine spatial planning (CMSP);
 Land-sea interactions, including land-based pollutant impacts on coastal water quality;
 Marine fisheries education and leadership training;
 Graduate education, including the design of courses and skills trainings for Monterey Bay-area ocean-focused graduate students; and
 Education and trainings for policy makers and resource managers.

POSITION: The Legal Intern will work primarily on research and writing projects within the Center’s ecosystem health, climate change, and land-sea interaction initiatives. Legal aspects of this work are likely to include environmental, public lands, administrative, and/or international law. Policy aspects of this work are likely to include monitoring and analysis of key state, federal, and international ocean governance and policy-making activities. Examples of recent Legal Intern projects include:

 Researching the state of law of cumulative impact assessment under federal and state statutes;
 Facilitating the use of science-based indicators and thresholds in management under existing statutory and regulatory frameworks;
 Identifying policy and education opportunities to manage vectors of marine invasive species in California state waters;
 Researching the impacts of relevant Executive Orders and their funding histories as points of comparison to the recently issued Executive Order on National Ocean Policy;
 Reviewing U.S. state and local climate change adaptation strategies to inform coastal decision makers in the Monterey Bay area;
 Assessing the interpretation of optimum yield in various natural resource areas to inform federal Fishery Management Council members’ thinking about optimum yield under the Magnuson-Stevens Act;
 Reviewing state laws for opportunities to expand decision making through an ecosystem services lens;
 Assessing implications for ocean and coastal management by examining successes and failures in the implementation of U.S. public lands management statutes; and
 Identifying legal tools for addressing local causes of ocean acidification.

The Legal Intern will be supervised by COS legal staff and will participate in team meetings and staff meetings. The Legal Intern will also be given work space in a COS office. COS has one office on Stanford’s main campus (where most legal staff are housed) and one office in Monterey, California.

The Legal Intern will be expected to work the equivalent of 40 hours per week for a total of 10 weeks. Limited funding is available; applicants are strongly encouraged to seek funding assistance from their home institutions.

QUALIFICATIONS: The Legal Intern should be entering the second or third year of law school in fall 2014. Significant experience in legal research and writing through coursework or other employment is required and a demonstrated interest in environmental law and policy is a plus.

APPLICATION: Applications are due by October 15, 2013. Applicants should submit:

 A statement of interest (no more than 250 words);
 Resume;
 Two references; and
 A short writing sample (3-5 pages).

Applications and inquiries should be submitted electronically to the Center for Ocean Solutions at:

473 Via Ortega I Room 193 I Stanford, CA 94305
650.725.9475 T I 650.721.2957 F
99 Pacific St. I Suite 555E I Monterey, CA 93940
831.333.2077 T I 831.333.2081 F

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