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Position: Program Officer, MDA Program, UNFCCC (Deadline: Jan. 16, 2015, Bonn, Germany)

Programme Officer, P-3
Mitigation, Data and Analysis (MDA) Programme
Review, Methods and Training (RMT) Sub-programme
for application
Expected date
for entry on duty
Duration of
16 January 2015 VA 14/084/MDA As soon as
One year and a half
years with possibility
of extension
Publication date: 18 December 2014, Post number: FRA-2924-V112-P3-001
The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) is the focus of the
political process to address Climate Change. The Convention secretariat supports the Convention
and its Kyoto Protocol by a range of activities, including substantive and organizational support to
meetings of the Parties.
The Mitigation, Data and Analysis (MDA) programme supports the intergovernmental negotiations
on matters relating to national communications, inventories, assigned amounts and policy
instruments. MDA is also responsible for the substantive support of the international transaction log
and registry systems under the Kyoto Protocol.
Where will you be working:
You will be working in the Sectoral Issues Unit of the Review, Methods and Training sub-programme
(RMT). RMT is concerned with Annex I (developed) countries mitigation activities including reporting
in the national communications (NCs), biennial reports (BRs) and international assessment and
review (IAR) for developed countries as part of the measurement, review and verification (MRV)
system established under the UNFCCC. RMT is also concerned with the methodological and
scientific issues of mitigation, training and certification and sectoral issues, such as land use, land
use change and forestry (LULUCF) issues, reducing emissions from deforestation and forest
degradation (REDD), agriculture and bunker fuels.
What you will be doing:
You will be reporting to the Sectoral Issues Unit Programme Officer/Team Leader. You will
independently contribute to matters pertaining to REDD and related land use issues, including
agriculture and provide technical support to the intergovernmental process on methodological and
scientific basis.
Expected key results:
 Technical inputs and advice
 Support to intergovernmental processes
 Support to technical assessments
 Representation and Knowledge ManagementPage 2
You will have the following responsibilities:
1. You will ensure timely substantive support to the intergovernmental process on matters related to
REDD and land use issues, including agriculture by:
a. Identifying, analysing, synthetizing and presenting technically relevant information on complex
matters related to REDD, LULUCF and agriculture, to be used for variety of purposes in the
negotiation process; researching issues and trends, including preparation of impact evaluation or
equivalent studies, based on information gathered from diverse sources;
b. Facilitating complex negotiation process by developing synthetic option papers, in-depth
technical reports, multifaceted background papers, etc., in particular relating to REDD, LULUCF
and agriculture, and communicating the results clearly to the Chairs of negotiating bodies,
Parties and other international organizations;
c. Providing procedural, technical and methodological support, advice and guidance to Chairs of
negotiating bodies on a variety of issues related to REDD, LULUCF and agriculture;
d. Providing balanced inputs to politically sensitive analysis and evaluating of complex issues
emerging from negotiations; independently liaising with national and international technical and
policy experts.
2. You will lead the organization of workshops/panels/expert meetings by:
a. Ensuring efficient planning and implementation of mandated workshops/panels/expert meetings
taking into account their political sensitivity;
b. Developing options, providing substantive and technical input and preparing a variety of
substantive documents, including technical papers, workshop concepts and briefing notes,
agendas and presentations;
c. Carrying out review, monitoring and analysis of complex issues relating to the mandated
workshops/panels/expert meetings for consideration of Chairs of the relevant negotiating bodies,
including SBs and the ADP; identifying problems and issues to be addressed and proposing
approaches to resolve them; liaising with relevant stakeholders to obtain information and
promote collaboration; identifying and tracking follow-up actions;
d. Recommending and assisting in the selection of experts; facilitating the work of experts and
ensuring procedural guidance is taken into account by experts while conducting their
work/delivering inputs.
3. You will facilitate the sharing of information, experience and lessons learned by the stakeholders
a. Developing and maintaining the REDD web platform; facilitating the sharing of information,
experience and lessons learned on the implementation of REDD and on the use of the IPCC
guidance and guidelines, including through an interactive discussion forum on the platform;
b. Advancing the development and the maintenance of an internet information platform to ensure
transparency and availability of information submitted by Parties on the implementation of the
REDD activities;
c. Continuously enhancing functionalities of the REDD web platform and the internet information
d. Representing the unit in meetings and workshops, both internal and external to the secretariat, to
strengthen cooperation with other international organizations such as FAO, IPCC, World Bank,
etc., as well as Parties by promoting the exchange of ideas and clarifying the guidance from the
UNFCCC process to facilitate its consideration by Parties and relevant stakeholders; liaising with
technical officials of governments and international organizations as appropriate.
4. Knowledge Management
a. Providing, in partnership with the Secretariat's Communications and Knowledge Management
Service, inputs to the identification, creation, analysis and distribution of substantive data and Page 3
b. Providing insights and experiences relating to the UNFCCC's mandate, processes, practices and
lessons learned; independently providing inputs to the secretariat outreach activities, including
social media.
5. You will plan and organize the efficient and effective coordination of the mandated technical
assessments, in particular relating to submissions from Parties on proposed forest reference
emission levels and/or forest reference levels, including research for preparation of background
documents and support to the assessment teams in their work.
6. You will perform any other job related activity required to meet the sub-Programme’s, overall the
MDA programme’s as well as secretariat-wide mandates, goals and objectives.
What are we looking for:
Educational background
Required: Advanced university degree in environmental sciences, forestry, nature conservancy
or a related discipline.
 A first level university degree in combination with qualifying experience may be
accepted in lieu of the advanced university degree.
Required: At least five (5) years of progressively responsible professional experience at the
national and/or international level in the research, analysis, reporting and
presentation of technical issues on climate change including land use, forestry and
agriculture. At least two (2) years of the total 5 must be in an international
Asset: Experience in research, analysis and reporting on reduced emissions from
deforestation and forest degradation in developing countries (REDD) and experience
in promoting cooperative action.
Language skills
Required: Fluency in English, both oral and written.
Asset: Working knowledge of another UN language.
Specific professional knowledge
Required: Very good knowledge of climate change adaptation and mitigation policy with a
specific focus on issues related to REDD, land use, land use change and forestry
(LULUCF) and agriculture. Knowledge of the Climate Change Convention, in
particular of methodological and implementation aspects of REDD and LULUCF, as
well as measurement, review and verification (MRV), including issues relating to
forest reference emission levels/forest reference level.
Asset: Knowledge of the UNFCCC intergovernmental support process and related
Job related skills
Required: Demonstrated skills in policy and technical analysis of mitigation reporting and
drafting of technical and policy papers to promote cooperative action among
Governments and other relevant stakeholders.
 Demonstrated skills in conducting research and analyses and co-ordinating,
organising international meetings/workshops. Strong oral and written communication Page 4
skills and diplomatic skills are essential in order to effectively interact with a wide
range of stakeholders, including Parties’ representatives, experts from international
organisations, research institutions and private sector in the area of climate change.
What is the selection process
You may be invited for assessment of your technical/professional knowledge. If successful you may
be invited for the final stage of the selection process, which consists of a competency based interview
to assess the skills and aptitudes required to successfully perform the functions of the post. The
following set of competencies for this particular post will be applied: Applying Professional Expertise,
Communicating with impact, Being Responsive to Clients and Partners, Working with teams and
Delivering Results.
How to apply
Candidates, whose qualifications and experience match what we are looking for, should use the
on-line application system available at
Please note:
1. Qualified women candidates and candidates from developing countries are especially encouraged
to apply.
2. Service is limited to the UNFCCC Secretariat.
3. We will confirm receipt of your application. However, only candidates under serious consideration
and contacted for an interview will receive notice of the final outcome of the selection process.
4. Salary and Allowances:
US$ 56,198 to 62,922 (without dependents)
US$ 60,205 to 67,515 (with dependents)
(plus variable post adjustment, currently 40.2 % of net salary), plus other UN benefits a


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