Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Beijing Consultant for China Sustainable Cities Initiative of Hewlett Foundation & Energy Foundation

The William & Flora Hewlett Foundation/The Energy Foundation
>Job Opening
>The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation and the Energy Foundation are
>private foundations based in the San Francisco Bay Area. The Energy
>Foundation has a Beijing representative office and manages (1)The
>China Sustainable Energy Program (www.efchina.org), whose missionis to
>encourage China's sustainable development through energy efficiency
>and renewable energy policy development, and (2) the China Sustainable
>Transportation Center, a Chinese non-governmental organization that
>promotes sustainable transportation development inChina's cities, with
>a particular emphasis on bus rapid transit(BRT).
>The Hewlett Foundation and the Energy Foundation are jointly launching
>an investigation into the potential for a new "China Sustainable
>Cities Initiative" (CSCI). We are interested in exploring the
>feasibility of assisting China's cities to develop (1) sustainable
>urban designs, (2) green buildings, and (3) sustainable transportation
>Over the next quarter century, China's central government plans to
>moveover 300 million people from rural areas into hundreds of newly
>built satellite cities. These cities will make enormous demands
>onnatural resources and the environment. Decisions regarding urban
>layout, whether urban designs will incorporate growth management and
>preserve green space and agricultural lands, whether buildings will be
>designed sustainably to minimize energy consumption, whether
>transportation systems will emphasize efficient mass transit-are all
>decisions being made in real time and that will have centuries-long
>We seek a responsible, energetic, and highly professional individual
>fluent in Mandarin and with government policy experience in China to
>help us investigate the potential for launching a "China Sustainable
>Cities Initiative." The individual would be hired initially as a
>consultant with the potential, should the Initiative prove to be
>promising, to become the Executive Director based in the CSCI office
>in Beijing.
>Under the direction of the Energy Foundation's China Program Director,
>the consultant will:
>Investigate ongoing trends in China's urbanization;
>Research ongoing sustainable cities projects underway in China with
>support from the international community;
>Develop outreach to China's mayors, governors, and local Party
>secretaries to assess the feasibility and strategies for implementing
>aChina Sustainable Cities Initiative;
>Identify potential municipal pilot sites where (1) sustainable urban
>design, (2) green buildings, and (3) sustainable transportation
>systems could be developed in tandem;
>Assist with the design of all aspects of the China Sustainable Cities
>Be willing to travel within China and internationally to accomplish
>these tasks.
>Experience in the field of urban planning, green buildings, and/or
>transportation system development, planning and design;
>Possess at least a master's degree or equivalent in a related field;
>Strong understanding of the political dynamics of urban development in
>China; experience dealing with technical and political issues within
>Fluency in English and Mandarin with the ability to translate and
>draft documents in both languages;
>Solid computer knowledge, including in Microsoft Word, Excel,
>PowerPoint, etc.;
>Work well under pressure, both independently and as a team member, and
>be a creative problem-solver;
>An ability to demonstrate at all times an energetic, "can do,"
>cordial, and professional demeanor and attitude;
>An ability to be flexible, responsive, and timely.
>Start Date: Immediate. Competitive compensation package.
>Please send cover letter, resume, and self-written English
>writingsample immediately to Alexandra Wang, Program Associate, The
>EnergyFoundation, 1012 Torney Avenue #1, San Francisco, CA 94129.
>Email: china-jobs@ef.org.

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