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Position: Executive Director of US-China Energy Cooperation Program - China, Beijing

Posted on an email list by the current E.D. of this organization.  I am not familiar with the organization, but sounds like an interesting opportunity.  No deadline was provided, so I assume that that applications are being reviewed on an ongoing basis until the position is filled.

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The US-China Energy Cooperation Program ( is seeking a new Executive Director.   See below and attachment.
Interested parties should send their letter of application and CV to me at

Thank you.
Ray Cheung
Executive Director
US China Energy Cooperation Program

Title: Executive Director
Location: US-China Energy Cooperation Program – CHINA, Beijing
Reports to: Executive Committee
Hours of duty: Monday – Friday/0900-1730 hrs.
(There are occasions when duties are required outside normal working hours)

Regarding US-China Energy Cooperation Program (ECP)

The US-China Energy Cooperation Program (ECP), a commercial sector initiated, managed and financed non-profit/non-government organization, was launched in Beijing on September 21, 2009 by founding U.S. member companies.  ECP serves as the commercial implementing arm of US-China energy collaboration as it is the only NGO focusing on U.S.-China business development in the clean energy sector.  The purpose of this public-private partnership is to leverage private sector business resources in both the U.S. and China to: promote commercially viable project development work in clean energy and energy efficiency, and support the sustainable development of the energy sectors in both countries.  For further information please go to:

 Position Overview:

   Manage the US-China Energy Cooperation Program (ECP), a self-funding membership initiative committed to expanding US-China sustainable energy-related trade, business, investment, and employment.
   Lead the ECP sector-focused process to develop and implement ECP's Working Group-based market and business development roadmaps, plans and initiatives.
   Extensive interaction with US and China government officials and ECP member companies on a routine basis to further the clean energy partnership and working group initiatives.
   Prepare position recommendations to the ECP Executive Committee regarding policy, annual target objectives, budgets and programs/plans.
Position Responsibilities:

   With the Executive Committee is responsible for maintaining a compelling vision that contributes to ECP’s mission and leverages ECP’s unique value proposition in furthering US-China cooperation in the energy sector.
   Acts as the external voice for ECP.  Leads outreach and communication efforts (in coordination with the Executive Committee) and promotes stakeholder successes through briefings, conferences, etc.
   Builds, fosters and maintains strong government relations with those central/federal, provincial/state/municipal authorities in both the US and China that impact the energy sector and the achievement of ECP’s performance objectives;
   Builds alliances and coalitions in the U.S. and China that will support and lead to the achievement of ECP’s annual and long-term business development, trade, investment and employment objectives;
   Identifies, recruits, and retains stakeholder partners and sponsors;

Specific Duties and Responsibilities:

   Assist the ECP Executive Committee in formulating strategies to further the interests of the energy segment cooperation between US and Chinese stakeholders consistent with the spirit of bilateral cooperation.  The remaining specific duties are directed towards implementation of this strategy.
   Provide proactive support to the Executive Committee and the Co-chairs in the effective leadership of the work and growth of the partnership.
   Achieve strong bilateral partner relationships with both the US and Chinese governments in the implementation of industry-led business development objectives.
   Play a harmonizing role in promoting the interests of ECP’s members, its Working Groups, and the Chinese and US governments.
   Identify various potential opportunities for ECP, its working groups, and its members, including pro-actively communication and facilitation of opportunities.
   Manage and support new member development.
   Coordinate and facilitate stakeholder/member communications and information.
   Lead the effective operations and staffing of the ECP in daily operating activities in support of ECP and its Working Group initiatives.
   Manage the AmCham-China/ECP relationship and operational partnership to ensure organizational synergies are achieved.
   Manage the operating budget of the ECP, including the responsibility of continuous improvement in the efficiency of ECP operations.


   10 – 15 years’ experience in international business, business organizations, and U.S. government economic and commercial activities; experience with policy development, including trade, intellectual property, and taxation; strong knowledge of economic and political relationships in China;
   Experience in managing multiple projects and diverse stakeholders and agendas;
   Excellent verbal and written communications skills;
   Strong public speaking skills and ability to direct major events;
   Flexibility for travel;
   Chinese and English fluency.

To apply, send a letter of application and resume to:
Ray Cheung
Executive Director

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